Trainings Lisa Fischel-Wolovick
Panelist: International Conference of Coercive Control, "History of the Family Courts," Virtual Presentation (2022)

Keynote Speaker: Battered Mothers’ Child Custody Conference, "Domestic Violence and Child Custody," Albany, NY (2022, 2019, 2018)

Presenter: International Association of Forensic Psychotherapists, "The Impact of Trauma in Children and Adults During Separation, Divorce, and Child Custody Litigation," Belfast, Northern Ireland (2018)

Presenter: National Association of Forensic Social Workers (NOFSW), "Creating a Trauma-Informed Child Custody and Child Welfare Approach to Custody Litigation," New Orleans (2018), Washington, DC (2015)

Podcast Interview: "Engendered," Traumatic Divorce and Separation," Episode 19 (2018)

Presenter: International Summit of the Institute of Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (IVAT), "Domestic Violence and the Courts," San Diego (2017)

Panelist: Twentieth Annual Domestic Violence Forum, Fordham Law School, "Evaluating Trauma in Children during Custody Disputes," New York City (2016)

Presenter: Sixth Annual Global Conference on Trauma, "Divorce, Custody, and Domestic Violence: Evaluating Trauma in Children and Adults," Budapest, Hungary (2016)

Interview: WBAI radio, "Custody, Abuse and Trauma Theory," New York City (February 12, 2014)

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