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"Traumatic Divorce and Separation," integrates the conflicting mental health perspectives concerning trauma theory and the study of divorce, in what the author has termed "traumatic divorce" -- that is, divorce complicated by the high-risk factors of domestic violence, mental illness, and/or substance abuse.

"The Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act of 1994: Ten Years Later," Lawyers Manual on Domestic Violence: Representing the Victim, 4th and 5th editions, published by the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Dep't. 2005, and 2006

"The Primary Aggressor Law and Self Defense," Lawyer's Manual on Domestic Violence: Representing the Victim, 2nd Edition, published by the Supreme Court, First Dep't. 1998

"Double Jeopardy and Domestic Violence Legislation," New York Law Journal, June 22, 1995

"Children Who Witness Domestic Violence," New York Law Journal, October 17, 1994

"Alternative Work Scheduling for Professional Social Workers," Administration in Social Work, Vol. 12(4) 1988
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